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BREAKING: Barack Obama Just Hauled Off To Court In Chicago – His Long Party Is Finally OVER


While Barack Obama was President, he acted as if the law does not apply to him. And even after he left the White House, he seems like his habit of behavior has not changed much. Immediately after his presidency was over, he started going on vacations about which he says he enjoys very much.

Now, according to Daily Mail reports, Barack Obama is about to fulfill his civic responsibility of serving in jury duty, although he is a former president of the United States. Here is what the Daily Mail reported:

 “Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans told county commissioners during a budget hearing on Friday that the former commander-in-chief, who owns homes in both Washington, DC, and Chicago’s Kenwood neighborhood, will serve in November,”

“Evans told the Chicago Tribune that necessary precautions would be taken to accommodate security and scheduling needs. He did not specify the date or courthouse location Obama will report to next month,” Mail Online explained. “Obama, who is registered to vote in Chicago, is not the first celebrity to serve jury duty in Cook County. In 2004, legendary talk show host Oprah Winfrey was called to serve for a Chicago murder trial. Jurors can be summoned for civil or criminal trials and can be called to any of the county’s Chicago or suburban courthouses.”

“Although it’s not a place where the public can earn a lot of money, it is highly appreciated,”

According to Evans, Obama chose to serve and that will earn him $17.20 per day. It would be interesting to see Baracks reaction on this, since he is used to be paid far more for his appearances. Evans also added, “It’s crucial that our society get the benefit of that kind of commitment,”

Via Daily Mail:

“Obama will be following in the footsteps of presidential predecessors George W Bush and Bill Clinton, both of whom appeared for jury selection after leaving the White House. Bush was summoned to the George Allen Dallas County Civil Court building in August 2015. Although not ultimately selected, he spent approximately three hours at the court and posed for photos with his fellow jury candidates.

“If the former President can show up for jury duty what excuse do you have? #civicduty,” tweeted a spectator.

In March 2003, Bill Clinton was Prospective Juror No. 142 in federal court in Manhattan. The Associated Press reported that Clinton’s name was never disclosed at a hearing but his questionnaire answers, read aloud in the courtroom, provided the giveaway. Under previous jobs held, the respondent answered “President of the United States.”

The case was eventually dismissed.  

Obama has been summoned for jury duty before – in 2010 – but he had to skip it as he was delivering the State of the Union address.

Some think that since he will draw so much attention, he may be set free from jury duty. Well, let’s see whether he will avoid another responsibility. Chances are he will immediately return to another vacation, avoiding to spend time with his wife Michelle. While he is enjoying his expensive vacations, his wife is nowhere to be seen. They haven’t spent much time together recently. Well, at least they are more often seen apart than they are together.

One anonymous source confirms that the couple had their marriage problems in the past, but they did not want to get divorced while he was still serving as a President. And, now he is an ordinary civilian, so there is no reason to stay together any longer now that their daughters have grown up. The source said that he did not wear his wedding ring any more.

The former President spends his free vacation time with millionaire Richard Branson in Necker Island. He is enjoying his bachelor life without Michelle. He wants to cut loose a little bit and “enjoy all the lovely young women they surround themselves with,” the source reveals..

Well, since the source hasn’t been revealed so far, let’s take this story to be partially true. Let’s not forget that the couple have bought a house together in Washington, DC. If they were really separated and prepare for divorce, would they be purchasing a home together? Guess not. The man has the right to spend some time alone partying with his millionaire best friend if he wanted to, and this definitely does not mean that he is divorcing his wife.



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